PurpleGoo™ logo makes small punctures and bead leaks, a thing of the past.


When a puncture or bead leak occurs, microscopic, nontoxic polymer strands and recycled ground rubber suspended in a liquid solution race to the air leak, adhering to the sides of the opening and build a long lasting solid permanent plug, impervious to water, mud and snow.


However, PurpleGoo™ stays in a liquid form and is distributed evenly over the entire inside surface of the tread. PurpleGoo™ lubricates to help prevent the rusting of the rims. All too often, tire damage occurs when the rim welds itself to the tire due to rust and heat.


With PurpleGoo™, this problem is virtually eliminated, which makes tire removal quick and easy. PurpleGoo™ is safe and easy to use. It contains no harsh chemicals, Non-toxic, and safely washes off skin and out of clothing.


PurpleGoo™ is specially designed for use in tires found on equipment used in mines, quarries, construction, recreational, trailers, ATV, UTV, Golf Carts, tractors, lawn, and all types of off-road applications.

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This PurpleGoo is awesome!!! I bought some at the Austin show and plug a nail hole in my tractor.

Green Slime was worthless. The Goo ROCKS!
~ Bill Bebee